Will Mayger

January 01, 2019

A post by Will Mayger
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I am a senior JavaScript/React/Frontend engineer.

I am currently employed at Babylon Health after previously being part of The Telegraph and Capgemini.

I am highly motivated, passionate, friendly and love to learn.

I specialise in JavaScript and ReactJS. I have a total of 7 years of professional experience in JavaScript and frontend development, with 4-5 years of professional experience with ReactJS amongst other things such as full stack.

I am now a contributor to GatsbyJs as of this year and plan to keep it going :D!

I only post things I have real world experience and interest in. I write so I can learn and improve whilst also helping others!

I want Atomized Objects to be a clear, and easy source of valuable information for everyone who is interested.

I hope you enjoy reading and following my blog.

If you want to see more info on myself checkout my portfolio Will Mayger - Senior JavaScript, React, and Frontend developer.

If you want to find me on social media, Follow me on twitter @mayger_will.

Or find me on LinkedIn Will Mayger.